•Projects & Business development

Particularly in the area of agriculture, energy and infrastructure development- We provide relevant services in developing projects and business concepts and proposals, undertake relevant marketing, market test activities.

•Business Research

CERATH recognizes that access to accurate, reliable data is essential for any investment decisions. CERATH offers research services for its clients particularly investors on specified areas of interest. Additionally, CERATH has collaborations with other research institutions (including universities), and thus enhances our chances of getting data and other qualified personnel for research.

•Facilitate Public-Private partnership –

Partnership is the modus operandi for CERATH. We have established working relations with key government institutions. We are guided by the “government buy-in” philosophy to ensure the smooth implementation and sustainability of businesses/projects. In this light, we support investors to liaise and work with the appropriate public sector actors to acquire required permits, certifications, and also incentives needed for their operations.

• Local representation and market entry services –

CERATH supports foreign businesses and investors who would like to extend their operations to Ghana, but would not need physical presence. CERATH acts as the local representative for these kinds of investors. Additionally, we support  businesses who would want to tap into Ghana’s markets