CERATH is investment facilitation and projects development firm aimed based in Ghana. CERATH’s activities are aimed at inclusive development in Ghana. CERATH projects and markets Ghana’s investment opportunities mainly in the area of agriculture. Others sectors of interest to CERATH are construction and transportation (particularly railway development)

CERATH considers Ghana’s investment opportunities as largely untapped, and thus there is the need to invest in these opportunities for economic transformation. While bountiful opportunities exist, financing is often the major setback for most Ghanaian entrepreneurs and businesses. On the other hand, foreign investors who seek to invest in Ghana, find challenges with the right local partnership, and also safely securing their investments. CERATH as a firm bridges these gaps by supporting investors with local knowledge, partnerships, and all required certifications to ensure success with their investments. CERATH also support Ghanaian businesses and entrepreneurs by linking them with foreign investors and funding opportunities.


Our vision is to make Ghana a home for foreign investors


Facilitate investments into strategic areas of Ghana’s economy


  • Transparency
  • Solution minded
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Inclusiveness
  • Respect for all humans


• AGRICULTURE: Our focus lies in production and processing. We believe agro processing is only possible if agro production is improved. We thus support initiatives that will lead to large scale commercial farming in Ghana. CERATH will also support agro processing activities through the establishment of factories.

• INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT: Development can only take place when there is enough and appropriate infrastructure to support business activities. CERATH is interested in partnering and facilitating investors seeking to build roads, ports and harbours, dams, energy systems, warehouses, among others. We also have particular interest in railway development.

• ENERGY: CERATH believes Ghana has massive untapped opportunities in the energy sector. This includes clean energy sources such as solar. CERATH is interested in partnership that will lead exploration of geothermal and tidal energy sources. Furthermore, CERATH is interested in partnership that will lead to exploration of natural gas in addition to existing fields. Ultimately, the partnership must lead to Independent Power Producers in Ghana.


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