The Young Africa-Asia/Europe Entrepreneurship Program (YAAEEP) is a flagship program by CERATH. This is an entrepreneurship program aimed at linking young/youthful Asian or European entrepreneurs with African counterparts.

Access to capital is a challenge most young Ghanaian entrepreneurs face in launching their business ideas. The financial service providers in Ghana are very unfavourable. For example, business loans interest rate ranges between 31-42%. This impedes the ability of young entrepreneurs to launch and grow their business idea. On the other hand, business loans in China and Europe attract interest rate of about 4-9%. This is relatively friendly, and will enhance business development and growth.

YAAEEP will link young Ghanaian entrepreneurs with young Asian entrepreneurs in the establishment of businesses. While Ghanaian entrepreneurs can easily provide land resources and/or business idea, the Asian/ European counterpart will provide finances and or technological support . This will create a win-win situation for both parties.

CERATH will implement a number of activities (non-exhaustive to facilitate) this partnership

  • Support Ghanaian entrepreneurs in developing winnable business plans
  • Market project/business ideas globally to attract funding
  • Support in the management of joint ventures
  • Provide legal services to ensure security of joint ventures.