·         One district, one factory

This is an industrialization initiative aimed at creating factories in the various districts in Ghana. These districts will mainly be agricultural based, and serve as processing centers to add value to agricultural commodities. This will generate revenue for entrepreneurs, while generating job opportunities for many actors. CERATH is strongly in favour of this initiative. CERATH will support local entrepreneurs by linking them with foreign investors and vice versa. CERATH will support with assessing projects’ viability, and advising in the development of various factory projects.

·         One Village, One dam policy

Access to water has been identified as a major setback for Ghana’s agricultural development. The government of Ghana is thus supporting initiatives that will ensure the development of irrigation schemes and facilities, aimed at boosting agricultural development. CERATH will support all investors who will like to invest in irrigation projects aimed at commercial agriculture.

·         SADA Land Trust

This is an initiative aimed at supporting investors in accessing and developing lands with minimal risks. CERATH is very knowledgeable of this and land laws. CERATH is well positioned to support investors to access lands for the projects with no risks, and assured security.

·         Favourable attitudes towards public- private partnership (PPP)

Government of Ghana is very open to form partnerships with the private sector in financing its target investment projects. CERATH will support in facilitating these partnerships to ensure investment security for all parties.